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Bad Credit Car Loans

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Popular loans

Small Loan

3 years
$120 weekly
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Comparison Rate of 44.3%

Medium Loan

3 years
$235 weekly
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Comparison Rate of 36.57%

Large Loan

4 years
$205 weekly
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Comparison Rate of 37.38%

These examples are popular loans with C1 Finance, these loan amounts do not take into consideration your current needs and financial position and may be subject to change.

Top questions

When Do I Own My Car?

C1 will take security over your car for the term of the loan. As soon as you have paid the loan out the car is yours to do what you want with it.

Can I Pay My Loan Off Early?

Yes, C1 only charges a early termination fee if you pay it out within 6 months. Outside of this there are no penalties for paying out early.

Do You Leave a Credit Enquiry on My File?

Yes, but we will usually check with you before doing so. C1 is a subprime lender so we dont want to affect our clients credit reports anymore than we need to.

What separates us from the rest?

What separates us from the rest?

Fair assessments

At C1 Finance, we understand that a bad credit score isn't always a fair indicator of your current financial situation. As a result, we consider a range of factors when assessing your application for car finance. So, if you've been rejected in the past don't be discouraged. We will ensure you receive a fair assessment of your application.

100% transparency

Here at C1 Finance, we believe in transparency. We promise to always be open and transparent about our services and what our processes are. With C1 Finance, what you see is what you get. No hidden fees, fine print or agendas. Just quick and easy car finance.

Free to apply

Our application is 100% online and free! No matter the time or place, simply submit an online application with C1 Finance and we’ll do our best to help you out. Whether we offer you a loan or not, we will not charge for our services. And that’s a promise.

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